Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

Steve got to feel baby girl kick for the first time today......we were so excited!!!

Instead of going out on Valentine's Day every year, we stay in and Steve cooks a special dinner for us. This is one of my favorite traditions that we have!

Since Valentine's Day was on a Thursday, we decided we would do our dinner on Friday instead.  But not to worry, I had my own special treat on Thursday to commemorate the Progesterone shot :(

I have to take these shots every Thursday until the end of the pregnancy. They are just a precaution to prevent preterm labor. They have been quite an experiment for us. We wanted to do them ourselves at home instead of going to the doctor office every week but these are a little different than the shots I'm used to taking from IVF. 

They are oil based instead of water based so you have to inject the liquid very slowly (like a full minute at least to give the full dose).  And because it's an oil, it spreads slower through my system so we have to rub the injection site for at least a couple minutes after the shot to help it spread so it doesn't burn the dickens out of me.  The first couple times I had it, it burned so bad I was shaking and had to sit on a heating pad for hours. We found that if we rub it in good and then if I walk around for a little while after, I have hardly any issues at all. Hopefully through our trials and errors we've found the secret now!

I went ahead and made Steve a sweet treat for Thursday since I knew he was cooking for me the next day.

our half eaten plate of white chocolate strawberries......YUM!

I also got Steve a sweet Valentine's Day card from Elly and Baby

Steve ended up making a Honey Mustard Chicken, Potato and Carrot casserole and my favorite, Grilled Asparagus. 

 It was hard for him to find something to cook this year that didn't 
A) make me nauseous,
 B) make me have reflux or 
C) isn't on my do not eat when you're pregnant list.

  My most special surprise of the night though was my dessert! 

It's a sugar cookie fruit pizza. How cute is that!


To end this post, just for fun, I thought I'd do a photo comparison: This 20 week photo was the last one I got to take before I had the twins at 22 weeks. Obviously I was in the sun a little more in 2009. I'm not used to being so pale!

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  1. Awww you look great!!!! Sounds like a YUMMY Valentine dinner:) Love the desserts, they were cute and looked yummy too!!! OUCH!!! Those shots sound painful! Glad you found some "tricks" that help with the shots.