Wednesday, March 27, 2013

28 Weeks and.....a Name!

Today offcially marks the start of our last trimester!

Only 12 more weeks to go......

We had another good report at our doctor visit on Monday. Our doctor is so laid back she must think I'm a head case:)

I always ask her all these "can I do this, can I do that, is this safe?" questions and she just blows raspberries at me. Ha!  I told Steve I think she'd let me drink a beer if I wanted to....

We don't see her again for another 3 weeks then we start going every 2.  She said she would do another ultrasound in there somewhere but I don't know when....

...And the nursery is coming along great but we still haven't bought any furniture or decor or clothes or anything really........but I have 4 pretty walls!

This bunny is very important because not only is it the first cookie that I've been able to make in 5 months without getting nauseous....It's also a hint to our baby girls name!

We've thought long and hard about a special name for our special girl and we've finally decided on

This is just a name that we loved and it is also one of the colors of the rainbow. We thought that seemed fitting for her. She has already brought so much light into our lives and we can only imagine how that will multiply when she's here in our arms:)

We have cherished all the prayers that have been sent our way on behalf of our baby girl and now we're excited for you to have a name to insert into those prayers for her! We're still working on a middle name but we figured we have a little more time to decide on that one:)

I'm sitting hear with tears in my eyes right now looking at this picture with our daughters name. It's so hard to put into words but this is just such a joy for us to have the privilege to have another daughter and to give her a name. We have not taken one day of this pregnancy for granted and, even though I said I hope the rest of the time goes by fast, it will be bittersweet. I have enjoyed so much watching her grow and feeling her move around and I am so grateful that I get to experience all of it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

27 Weeks

I have felt pretty good this past week...

No itching or fainting spells. Just a little heartburn because I insisted on eating Pizza no matter what it would do to me. All in all I'd say a win!

I was excited to start on the nursery some this week and I was even more excited to receive  a sweet surprise...

A sweet summer outfit picked out special by Felicity:) 

We still haven't started shopping for Baby Girl yet so seeing this made it really "real" for me. 

Also I want to say "Thank You" to "Aunt Becca" for the loaner maternity clothes. I'm pretty much growing out of my stash so hopefully I'll have some keepers in yours. And maybe one day I'll have the energy to try them all on:) LOL

We have a regular checkup with our OB on Monday. And... I'm happy to report that I passed my Glucose Test! 


 Momma needs her cake and limeaids....

And to end this post, this is pretty much what my daily view is....

This is actually two different days but I'm wearing the same color clothes:) I gotta work with what I got!

 Elly trying to still squeeze her way on my lap around Baby Girl.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's get this party started...

Project Nursery is officially underway!

This past week we cleaned out our current "office" and relocated it to another room so we can start working on Baby Girl's nursery:)

It's so funny to me how we all of a sudden feel like we're running out of room in this house and right now there's still only two of us. We had to make our bonus room into our office/exercise room/maybe 2nd guestroom.  All of a sudden that room is getting a little crammed...

I'll have to say, good thing I've been getting some spurts of energy because Steve has put me to work! Fortunately we had "Aunt Hannah" come and stay over the weekend to help us out.

We have big plans for this room and they will certainly be a labor of love. But it will be worth the effort...just wait until you see it!

 On a different note, it's that time of year again where Team Yager raises money for the March for Babies.

We have always been so grateful for all the donations we've been given in honor of Lila and Cole and I'm blown away every year how we seem to top the one the year before. We've always said we wanted the world to be a better place because they were here and I think contributing to the March of Dimes is one way that we see that happen.

I didn't think I would participate in the walk this year because I will be 34 weeks but, some people have asked about it so I figure, if you want to be there then so will I.....but probably in a wheel chair:)  This year marks their 75th Anniversary so I feel like they will have a really nice setup this time. (I think it's already pretty good. I mean free White Castles and dip your own Krispy Kreme's...Hello?? How can you top that?)

I've added a link on the sidebar of this blog that you can click on to make a donation to our team and you can also use it to sign up to walk with us.

I will say Thank You in advance to everyone who participates with us either by walking or by donation. We still cherish the support we receive from others in any capacity that we get it as this will undoubtedly be a lifetime struggle to not have all our children here with us.

I have always said that one of the best things you can do for a grieving parent is to acknowledge their child and doing this certainly helps us feel supported. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

26 Weeks

This past week was pretty uneventful except for taking my first Glucose Test.

I've always heard everyone complain how nasty the juice is you have to drink before the test so I allowed myself about 15 minutes to drink it in case it made me sick but I thought it was refreshing and made myself drag out 5 minutes to drink it so I wouldn't be early for my test.

Of course they had to take three vials of blood and somewhere on the second one I got really dizzy and told her I was going to pass out and she needed to find me a place to lay down quick. They had to kick another patient out of the room she was in because it was the only one with a bench and I had to lay there until I recovered. So, you know, just another regular day in the life for me....;)

We're really starting to think about all the projects we want to get done around the house before Baby Girl gets here and they are stacking up quickly. That's been a little overwhelming trying to make the right decisions and I'll be glad when we finally make some. Steve wants to start cleaning out the room that will be the nursery this weekend as we'll have to relocate his home office.

I had to laugh at Steve last night because he had a "sympathy symptom" with me. I couldn't sleep so I was up around 3:30am watching TV in bed when heartburn suddenly made it's appearance. I reached over as quiet as I could to open my Tums bottle when I see Steve whip his hand over for me to give him one too.  Heartburn or midnight snack? I'll never know...

On a separate note: I'm so happy to report that my itching has tapered off substantially! Thank you for the prayers...they worked!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

25 week Graduation

We had what will be our last anatomy scan with our High Risk doctor yesterday because........We Graduated!

She said she was trying to think of a reason for us to come back but she didn't have one:) This is bittersweet news for us because we are soooo happy that we don't have a need to be "high risk" but we are sad to not deal with our doctor and her staff anymore.

We have had such a great experience with them and they have made the load of this pregnancy so much lighter for us. And, mostly, we will miss seeing our sweet girl every two weeks!

This ultrasound could possibly be the last one we have before she's born.

She weighed in at 1 pound 13 ounces. She's such a big girl:)  Her momma does a good job of feeding her!

I don't go back to my regular OB for a couple weeks and then soon after this appointment is when she will start seeing me every two weeks anyway so we won't have had to go that long between our check ups this whole pregnancy. 

Watching her yesterday just got me so excited for when I can hold her little chubby body in my arms and bring her home with us. I hope these next few months go by as quickly as the first did. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

25 Weeks

This past week has left us entertained with some new developments....


I have been itching all over my body like crazy for a week now. At least two nights I was up for hours holding my lotion bottle ready to slap it on at any second. This has been the most unpleasant thing I've dealt with so far. My skin is so sensitive that I only have to barely touch it for it to turn bright red when this is going on. I called my OB and she thinks it's just an allergic reaction to something and we'll probably never find out what it is. So I popped a Benadryl and was knocked out for the next few hours. Please pray for me and baby that this will go away!!!


I'm still having times when I get up early in the morning to go somewhere that I get really faint. I thought I had it under control but last weekend we went to the Home & Garden show and I of course have to make a scene by ending up horizontal on a bench so I didn't pass out. Steve brought me a sucker and that seemed to be the magic cure. He seems to roll with the punches pretty well. but I hate that I keep embarrassing him like that!

Disclaimer: There is a big shadow behind me on the butt is not that big!

Nursery Shopping-

We finally went "browsing" for some nursery decor and totally overwhelmed ourselves. We had a clear plan of what we thought we wanted to do and now we don't.  I am a painfully indecisive person.  But it was wonderful knowing that no matter what we end up going with, there will be a beautiful baby girl in there to light up the whole room and we won't care what color the walls are!

Big Girl Kicks-

A couple days ago Baby Girl was really going to town so I pulled up my shirt and, sure enough, I could see her kicking:) She is getting so strong and that was the coolest thing to see her that way. Steve was able to see her do it too! We have another ultrasound this Friday and they'll tell us how big she is now. I'm anxious to see how much she's grown...