Thursday, March 7, 2013

25 Weeks

This past week has left us entertained with some new developments....


I have been itching all over my body like crazy for a week now. At least two nights I was up for hours holding my lotion bottle ready to slap it on at any second. This has been the most unpleasant thing I've dealt with so far. My skin is so sensitive that I only have to barely touch it for it to turn bright red when this is going on. I called my OB and she thinks it's just an allergic reaction to something and we'll probably never find out what it is. So I popped a Benadryl and was knocked out for the next few hours. Please pray for me and baby that this will go away!!!


I'm still having times when I get up early in the morning to go somewhere that I get really faint. I thought I had it under control but last weekend we went to the Home & Garden show and I of course have to make a scene by ending up horizontal on a bench so I didn't pass out. Steve brought me a sucker and that seemed to be the magic cure. He seems to roll with the punches pretty well. but I hate that I keep embarrassing him like that!

Disclaimer: There is a big shadow behind me on the butt is not that big!

Nursery Shopping-

We finally went "browsing" for some nursery decor and totally overwhelmed ourselves. We had a clear plan of what we thought we wanted to do and now we don't.  I am a painfully indecisive person.  But it was wonderful knowing that no matter what we end up going with, there will be a beautiful baby girl in there to light up the whole room and we won't care what color the walls are!

Big Girl Kicks-

A couple days ago Baby Girl was really going to town so I pulled up my shirt and, sure enough, I could see her kicking:) She is getting so strong and that was the coolest thing to see her that way. Steve was able to see her do it too! We have another ultrasound this Friday and they'll tell us how big she is now. I'm anxious to see how much she's grown...

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  1. Yay!!!! So happy things are going well! Sounds like you need to carry some candy with you, just on case. I had a terrible rash when I was pregnant with Livi they called it PUPP. I have itchy legs this time and the only lotion that seems to calm it/ give me some relief is Sarna- warning doesn't smell the best, Eric calls it my old lady/ nursing home lotion- nice!
    Hope the ultrasound goes well today, can't wait to hear how big your little lady is! Have a great weekend!