Wednesday, May 28, 2014

12 Months

Violet, you are 1 Year Old today!!!!!!

It's so incredibly hard to believe we've already had one whole year with this little miracle.

You weigh 22 pounds and are 31 inches long. You are currently working hard on your 5th tooth and you wear size 12-18 month clothes.

You had quite an eventful day today! Last year Daddy had a car accident on the day we went to the hospital and today on your birthday you and Mommy got stranded with a flat tire. I hope this tradition stops this year!

You have really started to get so frustrated with yourself this month because you
 will. not. move.

You want to crawl and walk so bad!! We knew crawling would be tough since you won't do ANY tummy time but you get yourself in position and then chicken out at the last minute. You have definitely learned how to scoot around to get what you want and you somehow can stretch your arms to about 3 times their length to reach something without budging from your spot. Ha!


You have been standing up so good while holding onto people or furniture. You even wriggle to get down while we hold you like you're just going to take off running.
 I'm sure it's only a matter of time....

You have really amped up your appetite this past month and are trying all kinds of new foods. It's hard for us to eat in front of you without you reaching out for a bite!

March for Babies 2014

You've had hot dogs, watermelon, crackers, ice cream, cake.....just your average all american kind of diet! 

You try to say so many new words and make lots of different sounds now. One of  my favorite new things you do is to cuddle into me or daddy if you talk to someone new or just want us to hold you.

I have a feeling that you will never be a wallflower but right now I think it is so sweet:)

My sweet Violet girl, 

There are not enough words in the world to express how much of a blessing you are to our family. You have been in our hearts so very long before we ever held you in our arms. Every tear you cry, I've cried a thousand more just waiting for you. You have made us smile a lifetime worth of smiles in this one very short year. You are such a spitfire and I just know that God has big plans for you! I have always prayed that your light would shine and people would be blessed just by being near you. It seems like everywhere we go people are just drawn to you.  We can't take you anywhere without someone coming over to see you and probably saying "Look at that perfect baby".

It has been such a humbling year for us as we stumbled through this new wave of parenthood. You have made us more compassionate, less prideful, and so incredibly honored to be your parents. Some of the highlights of my entire life have been rocking you to sleep and I feel like I drink in every moment I get.  You are a wonderful, miraculous little girl. 

I am yours....and you are mine.