Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's get this party started...

Project Nursery is officially underway!

This past week we cleaned out our current "office" and relocated it to another room so we can start working on Baby Girl's nursery:)

It's so funny to me how we all of a sudden feel like we're running out of room in this house and right now there's still only two of us. We had to make our bonus room into our office/exercise room/maybe 2nd guestroom.  All of a sudden that room is getting a little crammed...

I'll have to say, good thing I've been getting some spurts of energy because Steve has put me to work! Fortunately we had "Aunt Hannah" come and stay over the weekend to help us out.

We have big plans for this room and they will certainly be a labor of love. But it will be worth the effort...just wait until you see it!

 On a different note, it's that time of year again where Team Yager raises money for the March for Babies.

We have always been so grateful for all the donations we've been given in honor of Lila and Cole and I'm blown away every year how we seem to top the one the year before. We've always said we wanted the world to be a better place because they were here and I think contributing to the March of Dimes is one way that we see that happen.

I didn't think I would participate in the walk this year because I will be 34 weeks but, some people have asked about it so I figure, if you want to be there then so will I.....but probably in a wheel chair:)  This year marks their 75th Anniversary so I feel like they will have a really nice setup this time. (I think it's already pretty good. I mean free White Castles and dip your own Krispy Kreme's...Hello?? How can you top that?)

I've added a link on the sidebar of this blog that you can click on to make a donation to our team and you can also use it to sign up to walk with us.

I will say Thank You in advance to everyone who participates with us either by walking or by donation. We still cherish the support we receive from others in any capacity that we get it as this will undoubtedly be a lifetime struggle to not have all our children here with us.

I have always said that one of the best things you can do for a grieving parent is to acknowledge their child and doing this certainly helps us feel supported. 

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  1. I completely understand the feeling of running out of room/ crammed!!!! Oh we are definitely feeling it, I'm so ready to move, just not for all the work involved! Probably isn't going to happen for a yr or so, so for now I'm going to make the most of our 3 bedroom two bath ranch and a family of almost 6 !
    Can't wait to see the nursery pictures:) EXCITING!!