Saturday, March 9, 2013

25 week Graduation

We had what will be our last anatomy scan with our High Risk doctor yesterday because........We Graduated!

She said she was trying to think of a reason for us to come back but she didn't have one:) This is bittersweet news for us because we are soooo happy that we don't have a need to be "high risk" but we are sad to not deal with our doctor and her staff anymore.

We have had such a great experience with them and they have made the load of this pregnancy so much lighter for us. And, mostly, we will miss seeing our sweet girl every two weeks!

This ultrasound could possibly be the last one we have before she's born.

She weighed in at 1 pound 13 ounces. She's such a big girl:)  Her momma does a good job of feeding her!

I don't go back to my regular OB for a couple weeks and then soon after this appointment is when she will start seeing me every two weeks anyway so we won't have had to go that long between our check ups this whole pregnancy. 

Watching her yesterday just got me so excited for when I can hold her little chubby body in my arms and bring her home with us. I hope these next few months go by as quickly as the first did. 

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  1. YAY!!! Happy Graduation!!! So happy for you all, love the sweet ultrasound pictures:) I was curious as to how much your little girl weighs because at my ultrasound on Tuesday (I was 21 weeks and 1 day) our little one already weights 1 pound but I can't remember the ounces- so apparently she is a good size baby.
    Have a great weekend, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine we are having:)