Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pregnancy Musings...

This pregnancy has been so much different than my others and I'm finding that I'm having different cravings/symptoms/quirks.

So to elaborate...these are a few of my favorite things...♪ ♫♪

Sonic Strawberry Limeaids

I could drink these every single day

Choco Cherry Love Blizzards

 Unfortunately, I could eat one of these every day.

  Apple Juice
I never really cared about apple juice before but now its so refreshing to have a small glass after drinking so much water all the time.

  People being nice to me
I'm not ashamed to admit this one. People are generally nicer to pregnant people and it's nice to be on the receiving end of that. Especially at my grocery store. I'm there at least a couple times a week so they are used to seeing me and ask about the baby and they always offer to help me to my car now.

Belly laughs :)
I have never laughed so hard so much in my life! Things are just so much more hilarious to me right now and I laugh so hard sometimes I can't breathe. It's a wonderful feeling to have joy like that after being in a pit for so many years.
  Feeling Baby Girl kick!
This is by far my very best favorite thing! She has just been so active lately and it has even been waking me up at night but I don't mind. I haven't gotten tired of it yet :)

Not So Favorite Things:

Tomotoes and Onions
They give me reflux that feels like I swallowed a blowtorch! (For a short time I thought chocolate did the same thing but fortunately it was a fluke and I can still eat it! Yay!)

 My Couch
I just can not get comfortable on it anymore and I often have to spend more time in my bed instead.

 Shopping for Maternity Clothes
I hate shopping for clothes in general because I'm a hard shape to fit so I thought Maternity clothes would be easier.     Not. The. Case.   Turns out I'm still a hard fit so I buy as little as I can and try to stretch my wardrobe as much as I can and I do complain every time I have to get dressed.


I'll be interested to see how the next few months play out with my cravings and symptoms. I have to take my glucose test in a few weeks so I told myself that last nights blizzard would be my last for a while. I really don't eat great because healthy food just doesn't seem to fill me up. At our appointment last Thursday, I was being weighed in by the nurse before our ultrasound and we had the following conversation:

Nurse: "How are you doing with your weight?" (she asked me this right after I got off the scale so she knew good and well how I was doing...)
Me:  "How do YOU think I'm doing?"

Nurse: "I think you should try to fill up on salads." 

The nerve! 

I told both my doctors about this and they just laughed. I have gained about 35 pounds, which is the goal for a full term pregnancy. Incidentally, I gained the same amount of weight with the twins at the same gestation but there were two of them! lol

Anyway, the doctors know that I am gaining more because I am not exercising (which they want me to be more careful than the average person) so that is attributing to my weight gain. I do however need to make better food choices so I'm really going to make an effort to do that from now on.


  1. Oooh I love the light cherry limeades with extra cherries from Sonic!!!
    When it comes to maternity clothes I have a terrible time finding pants, especially jeans that fit right. Dresses are another thing that I have a hard time finding that looks right etc on me. Good luck!!

    1. Dresses look ridiculous on me too because my back is as big as my front! Lol