Sunday, February 24, 2013

23 Weeks

I have never been so excited for this week to get here and I'll be even more excited for 24 weeks!

It was a rough week last week emotionally for me to get past that 22 week mark. I anticipated that it would be hard but, truthfully, I didn't really break down until it was over and I'd realized we made it.  Then the stress of the whole week just kind of fell on me all at once.

I often think about the time 3 1/2 years ago when I delivered the twins but I think of it with joy.  Getting to hold them and kiss them and see what they look like. Getting to show them off to their grandparents. Getting to love them. Those are the memories I choose to treasure. This time though, I felt fear creeping in on me and I don't want that to be associated with the memories of my children so I prayed and prayed last week and he we are finally on the other side of the hill!

So now, at 23 weeks, this is officially the longest I've ever been pregnant.

We had a check up with our high risk doctor this week and of course everything is still looking great! It was a quick appointment this time but we got to see our girl and they always check my cervix to make sure that I'm not dilating too soon. 

She was really moving her mouth around this time like she was saying "Hi!" to us:) Or maybe she was singing a song....

Recently I've been singing to her a lot. Mostly when I'm in the car (alone) or just around the house when I feel her move. I think she likes it:)

The other day, I was watching a movie and while I was sitting there she was so rambunctious! She was moving around and kicking harder than she had before so I had to stand up and rock her back to sleep. It worked!  That same night she kept me awake almost the whole night because she was so active. I guess she's trying to break me in early...

I don't mind the activity though. It still is my favorite thing. I love knowing that she's in there safe and sound and happy.

Steve has been able to feel her more and more and I just love that too. I try to tell him everything that goes on so he feels just as close to her.  I love when he just comes up to me and rubs my belly or talks to our girl. He has just been so great to me these past 6 months and he loves our daughter so much. We're just so lucky to have him:)

*I tried to take this picture 4 times and I look sleepy in all of them! I guess that's what I'm looking like these days...*

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