Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The post in which we play catch up....

17 Weeks:

Here is my 17 week snapshot that I only took because a friend texted me and requested a picture. I hate these awkward mirror self portraits because they're, well, awkward and hope to not do anymore like this one.

18 Weeks:

This week is when baby girl decided to roll upside down for awhile. Mommy didn't like it because I couldn't feel her move as much and it made me nervous. Now we're used to it and we don't worry about it anymore:)

19 Weeks:

Not much exciting happened this week except I finally went to see Les Miserable at the movies in a sold out small theater where the woman next to me (who I politely moved my coat and purse for so she could sit with her group) sang every word to the whole 3 hour movie. What a treat.

20 Weeks:
This week I had a monthly checkup with my regular OB and caused a scene in the waiting room.

We had an early 8:30am appointment. We usually have to wait at least 30 minutes before they even call us back and another 15 minutes waiting on the doctor in the room. Well we had been in the waiting room all of 5 minutes and I suddenly got very lightheaded and sent Steve to try to find me a coke. He came back with a fruit juice and me trying diligently to get my head between my knees (not that easy at 5 months pregnant).

I told him the fruit juice wasn't gonna cut it, I needed to lay down.  Back up to the counter he went and told them to get me out of there. They called my name and told me to come on back but I told her I couldn't walk because my vision was so blurry I couldn't see and I knew I would blackout as soon as I tried.

So off they went to find me a wheelchair and I was impatient so I tried to walk to the door and couldn't make it all the way and then got so hot I started taking off my clothes. Finally, out came the wheelchair and me doubled over again trying to not pass out as they wheel me into a room. They took my blood pressure right away (it had dropped) and my doctor came in and asked if I could see again. I felt immediately fine as soon as I was laying down and Steve told her I just didn't want to wait in the waiting room.

Needless to say, we were in and out in under 30 minutes. The fastest appointment I've ever had. 

Nailed It! 

she loves those legs over her head :)

  21 Weeks:

Earlier this week we had an anatomy scan on baby girl and they measured all her bones and counted all her fingers and toes and the ultrasound tech called her "perfect" no less than 25 times. Every time we get to see our girl I am overwhelmed with the privilege of getting to be a MOM again and I just thank God over and over as I watch her for giving us this life and for letting us experience all of it.

We are just so blessed that it is hard to contain it sometimes! Thank you Lord for answered prayer!

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