Saturday, February 1, 2014

8 months

Violet you are 8 Months old!

Not really into taking pictures this month...

You are about 19 1/2 pounds and wearing 9 month (soon to be 12 month) clothes.

This is what happens when we put monthly stickers on now...

You are a totally different baby this month. You have learned so many new things:)

I thought for sure that you would be sitting up before you did anything else but, I was wrong.........
you rolled over first! YaY!!

(ignore my hick accent...Ha!)

One day you just did it and then you never looked back. You start rolling over in mid air before we even get you on your tummy. I think you are so excited that you learned to do this so you never have to be on your tummy ever again!  

Bath time with Grami

I don't think you'll ever roll over from your back to your belly though because, 
come on. 
Why would you ever lay on your belly on purpose? 

Incidentally, you also have learned to sit up on your own this month too:) It didn't take you very long to figure this out and you sit up like such a big girl.  You would still lay on your back all day if we'd let you but I think you like seeing the world from this perspective too...

You have started leaning in and giving us "hugs" this month. We think this is just so sweet:) 

I love to be on Daddy's shoulders...

You are still a really good eater. You eat everything we give you but it doesn't always settle well on your stomach. Right now you eat green beans and sweet potatoes almost exclusively because we can't find anything else that doesn't upset your tummy. There's alot of things mommy can't eat either while you're still on breastmilk so you might just have a sensitive stomach.

4 generations

You are back to sleeping through the night again for which we are sooo thankful! We thought maybe you were going to get teeth soon and that's why your sleep changed but there is no sign yet. I'll actually be relieved when you do get teeth because every time any little thing is off Daddy says "I bet she's teething," One day maybe he'll finally be right...Ha!

You had your first babysitter this month. Cousin Emma did the honors. I was so nervous to leave you with someone because you had been so set in your schedule and would be so cranky if you had to veer off it but it seems you had a good time:) And Emma agreed to do it for the second time this month so you must not have scared her off yet. Hopefully she'll agree to number 3...

This is what a typical day looks like for us right now:

Wake up at 7:00 am

Eat (Nurse)

Sit in bouncy seat while mommy and daddy eat breakfast


Nap around 9:30 am

wake around 11:30-12:00

Eat cereal/baby food

Play with toys in your highchair while drinking your bottle

Playtime in mommy's room while I make the bed, clean etc...

Nap around 2:00-4:00 pm

Eat cereal/ baby food/bottle

(Sometimes you take a late nap here but we try not to let you)

Bathtime somewhere between 7:30-8:00 pm

Nurse to sleep by 8:30 pm

 (this could be anywhere from 8-10 depending on your mood and sometimes you put yourself to sleep after you eat)

Like every parent, we are so concerned about your development and you reaching different milestones by a certain age. It seems that it still takes you at least an extra month to catch up because of being premature. But you have proved to us this month that we just have to be patient with you and you will roll it all out at one time!

Violet and Papaw
 Either way we think that you are just the most precious little girl and, even when you are so stubborn and test our patience, We'd still take a hundred of you:)

Wearing my space pj's Auntie Beth got me for Christmas...

You are such a joy, Violet and you have brightened our lives in so many ways. You've shown us light when we've lived in the shadows for so long. You are the embodiment of faith and the fruition of hope. 
Such big things for such a little girl. 

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