Friday, February 28, 2014

9 Months

Violet you are 9 months old!

You weight 20.6 pounds and are still in size 3 diapers.

You can still wear some 9 month clothes but you wear 12 month as well.

This month brought us plenty of new adventures...
you LOVE to sit in the shopping cart...
You did in fact decide to roll over on your belly if you really, really want something but, you only stay there long enough to get what you need and then you get on out of there. Ha!

Usually it's to get whatever Elly is playing with or to see what she is doing.

we still get the biggest smiles at bathtime...:)

striking a pose..

You love to look for Elly around the house and keep an eye on her. Also, Elly has learned to just bring you her toys now to play instead of waiting on us.

you're favorite place to your stroller

You are starting to try to talk more. You still cry "MaMa" early in the morning when you want your milk or if you're really mad. But you've also been trying to say "DaDa" and we've gotten you to say "Hi" and "Bye Bye" several times.  Besides that you jabber all the time, especially on car rides.

Unfortunately this month you got sick for the first time. It was on your first Valentine's Day and to celebrate you got a nasty ear infection. You were so pitiful it just broke my heart:( Then Mommy and Daddy both caught your cold. But we all got through it and now we don't have to dread it anymore.

still being sweet even though you don't feel good...

Last month you started giving us hugs and this month you are starting to give us kisses. You're still catching on and have to be in the mood to do it but it's extra sweet when you do:)

You are so lovable and affectionate it makes it easy to fall in love with you! We get so many compliments about how beautiful and sweet you are when we go out in public. The little old ladies just adore you and talk to you all the time and you give them the sweetest smiles:)

You definitely have plenty of sass but you also are the sweetest little thing and we love you so much!

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  1. So stinkin cute!!!! Growing up so fast!! Happy to hear you all are doing well and over the sickness/ colds. I'm sure you all are ready for spring time/ warmer weather for visits to the zoo and park! I know we are;)