Monday, December 30, 2013

7 Months

Violet you are 7 months old!

This month was so busy it flew by!

We don't have a doctor visit until next week (for you to get your 2nd flu shot) so we're not sure on your stats but I guess you weigh around 18 pounds.

You are doing so good eating your baby food. We still have you on Oatmeal cereal and you also like Green Beans and Sweet Potatoes. It seems like Peas made you constipated and Squash is out for now! You did not like Squash...
Unsure about your highchair at first...

Holding your bottle all by yourself...

Well just as fast as you started putting yourself to sleep in your crib last month, you've now stopped. We can only get you to take naps in your stroller after we push you around in circles through the kitchen, hall and dining room. I think you miss your outside walks!

You also wake up two times during the night now. I can't remember the last time you slept 7 straight hours but we make it through. Sometimes during those nighttime feedings I just stare at you while you drift to sleep and I can't bear to put you down. Other times I'm pleading with you to please go back to sleep! Ha!

Daddy trying to remember how to swaddle...

You've been staying in the nursery at Church for the past couple months and only one time did they call us to come get you. Strange enough, you will sit in the swing at church but you will not sit in it at home or at Grami and Grampy's house.

Mommy's favorite present...

We had you sitting in the Bumbo seat for a while but now you throw yourself backwards so we had to take that away. Thankfully we were able to borrow it from Cousin Lucas since you only used it about a month... Now we try to get you to sit in this big obnoxious bouncy contraption. We thought you would really like it since you seem to kick your legs all the time but as soon as we put you in there your legs turn to jello and you just sit. I think the bouncing scares you right now but your getting so much better at sitting in there and getting some pressure off the back of your head since you still HATE laying on your tummy!

We are really working on getting you to roll over. You did it just one time at the beginning of this past month and Mommy and Daddy had tears in their eyes thinking we've finally made a breakthrough but you are so stubborn that you've haven't done it again since!

Grandpa Jack's 90th Birthday

We think you are so close to sitting up but you still need a little help. I bet you do that before anything else.

The cutest thing you've been doing this month is scrunching up your nose when you're happy. We can scrunch up our nose and sniff at you and you do it right back and it is so sweet:) It did get annoying when you would do it in the mornings and wake us all up but we've embraced it and it is so cute.

You are such a happy and smiley baby at home. You don't like to take naps at other people houses so you get cranky easy when you're not at home. You definitely like to stick to your routine.

Playing with Elly...

The biggest event this month was your first Christmas! I've been looking forward to this day for so long. Mainly just because it was a big milestone for us. Our whole journey started 9 years ago with your Daddy saying one day "I'd like to have a baby by next Christmas...".  And here we finally are. It was such a long trip but definitely worth every minute.

Poor thumb placement...not to mention that crazy

Our hearts still hurt so much that we will always be missing 2 stockings up on our mantle but we are so thankful for the opportunity to be Lila, Cole and Violet's parents. We know what it feels like to have the literal pain of your heart breaking into pieces but now we also know the joy of your heart being so full it could burst. They are such conflicting emotions but all apart of what makes up our family.

The UK/UL game was on your 7 month birthday. You brought the Cats good luck!

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  1. Love this post (minus the last part about the cats winning- boo!). Happy 7month Birthday!!