Monday, April 22, 2013

31 weeks and adjustments...

It's been quite a few days since I've been able to get an update on here because we have been so busy!

Steve is working full time from home now indefinitely so we've been adjusting to our daily routines.  Mostly I would update the blog during the day in the office but now he's in it most of the time so I let things drag a little last week.

We've also been working more on the nursery. Our crib is put together and we love it! We also got our dresser/changing table in and got that put together last week.  Hopefully we'll get our chair we ordered in this week and then we can see how it will all fit together.

Of course we also have two new neighbors building houses simultaneously on either side of us right now. It has made for a noisy and messy week. I guess better for them to do it now then start when we have a newborn trying to sleep....

We had a project we were trying to wrap up outside as well and I want to give a HUGE thanks to my in-laws Sheri, Ray, Hannah, Dennis and Lana. I am about completely worthless with manual labor right now and Steve really needed help so thank you so much for showing up for him.

Last Wednesday was our first "Baby" class where they mostly talked about normal things you'll see when you bring your new baby home and when to not freak out and when to call your doctor.  It was a good class but I was looking for more of a "I brought my baby home now what?" kind of class. Ha!

Steve said don't worry, he's got this. So that takes care of

We had a doctor appointment last Monday where I completely guilted our doctor into letting us have an ultrasound:) Our little girl is not so little anymore. She's already at 4 pounds with 8 weeks left to go!

 I said "oh my gosh, is that too big?" and the ultrasound tech laughed and told me no. I said I guess I'll have to really start eating those salads and I think I freaked her out because she told me to don't stop eating!

 I said "lady, no problem. I couldn't stop if I tried"...

Everything is still looking just as it should with her and we have our next appointment next Monday. She is getting stronger everyday and I love the time we spend together when she is awake:) I also love how much she responds to Steve's voice. I think that is just the sweetest thing ever.

We were leaving church Saturday night and he reached over and put his hand on my belly and started talking to her and she started moving around as soon as he did. She had been still for a while before that. It just melts my heart...

So you can see we've been so busy getting ready for our little Violet! There are so many changes going on around here and we can't wait for our biggest one yet to get here:)

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  1. Your posts just make me smile:)
    LOL!! I LOVE that Steve said "don't worry he's got this" ;) Can't wait to hear some stories! I will "warn" you we've gone through several baby classes including the ones "you have to in order to leave the hospital" and you never feel fully prepared/ ready. Even when Livi was born and we brought her home I felt like a new mom all over again. Rely on family and friends its okay to ask and also remember its okay to say no if someone is being too pushy, this is your alls time and it goes by way too fast!!
    I have an ultrasound this Thurs I'm curious to see how much our little one weighs! Have a great week!