Wednesday, July 2, 2014

13 Months

We're a little late on our 13 month post because while Violet was at home celebrating her 13 month birthday, Mommy and Daddy were in NYC!

Happy 13 Months big girl!

We debated taking Violet with us but decided it was just too much for a 1 year old and, although we missed her terribly, it was the right decision.

Times Square...

We love to travel and want to take her on all our adventures with us in hopes that she will love it too but New York was too overwhelming to tackle with a baby.

This girl loves to swing!

Violet is getting so tall and starting to slim out some. Even the 4 days we spent away from her, she changed so much!

Channeling Marilyn Monroe on the floor vent...

She is working on her 6th tooth right now and is eating more and more "big people" food. She loves carrots, bananas, strawberries, watermelon and I even got her to eat green beans again the other day. She has a love/hate relationship with green beans:)

This past month we did some swimming and celebrated Aunt Hanny's high school graduation!

And we also celebrated Father's day!

Gotta love the obligatory grandkids picture...

Daddy and me...

Each month just keeps getting more and more fun with her as we watch her grow and are able to do more interactive things together. She is such a blessing and a lot of work but I'm so grateful for this new stage of our lives and so glad God picked her out just for us!

We love you baby girl!

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