Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Months

Violet you are 5 months old!

You weigh 16.8 pounds! We know 1 year olds that only weighed 18 pounds....

You are wearing 6 month clothes and a size 2 diaper.  You are still sleeping 7-10 hours every night and we are SO THANKFUL that you do!

all bundled up for a walk...

 Daddy asked the doctor if you are too big and she said NO! your weight is one of the good things you have going for you:)

This has been a busy month for you...!

This past month we have been so proud of you making progress with tummy time. You still hate it but, you will stay on your tummy for about five minutes without crying sometimes. But you still just lay there and don't try to lift up so we're working on that.

Daddy is trying so hard to teach you how to roll over. He lays you on your blanket and rolls you all over the place!

everything goes in your mouth right now!

You also love when Daddy plays with you. He will blow raspberries on your neck or belly and play airplane with you and you giggle almost every time:)

playing airplane with daddy...

You still love your baths so much but HATE when we put your pajamas on.

You got to eat Rice Cereal for the first time this month. You ate it so good but it didn't seem to sit well with you that night so we're waiting for next month before we try again.

this is my cereal face...

You seem like you can't wait to sit up. We catch you doing "crunches" all the time and you stick your feet up and look at them all the time too.

checking out my feet...

This month you got to go to your first Halloween party at the zoo. You dressed up as Minnie Mouse because your cousin Jameson dressed as Mickey Mouse. You two were so cute:)

Halloween at the zoo...

But the biggest event of this month was your Baby Dedication at church. We have waited so many years to be able to stand on that platform at church and dedicate to raising our child to love the Lord. It was definitely a wonderful, memorable moment for us.

dedication photo...

There were 31 babies dedicated that night and you were the only one crying before we went out! Fortunately you pulled it together and were so good once we got out to the stage.

This was taken right after the dedication. After I took this picture, you fell asleep in my arms while we walked to the nursery where you stayed for the first time. You slept until we picked you up:)  

finally a picture with mommy!

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  1. Oh my she's adorable and getting so big! I ❤ all the pictures especially the one with mommy (you look fabulous by the way)!!! You all have had a busy month, and with the holidays right around the corner I'm sure the next several will be just as busy if not more so;) Love the update. EK isn't much on tummy time either, and shows no interest in rolling. ❤ Violet's smile, she's just so cute!!! Happy 1st Halloween Violet!